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Archive for September, 2011

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Portal 2′s Free DLC Arrives October 4th

Valve send word that their free DLC for Portal 2 will arrive on October 4th. Man, I totally already said all that in the headline! Here’s what I didn’t say, which was what Valve said: “In “Peer Review”, you and a fri...
by Jim Rossignol

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RPS Asks: What To Play This Weekend?

There’s almost too much to play! I probably should be hammering noobs on the Battlefield 3 beta, but it really could be anything. Hell, I have that epic game of Supreme Commander to get done, new Minecraft to explore, Dead I...
by Jim Rossignol

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Serious Sam 3 In Not So Serious Delay

Betrayal! Oh, the wound! Why, why, why? The eve of shamelessly excessive manshooting with a retro flavour but a hypermodern look was almost upon us, and then they only go and move the release date of Serious Sam 3: BFE back by...

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In Stone: King Arthur: Fallen Champions

Ah, I had become a bit lost on the King Arthur release timeline. I thought Fallen Champions was King Arthur II , but not so. It’s actually a standalone expansion for the first game which bridges the storyline between Arthur ...
by Jim Rossignol

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Demonstrably Unhelpful: Sims 3 Demo

Today we are faced with a series of questions. How is it possible to convince even more people to buy The Sims 3