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Image Molly+Nilsson.jpeg

Molly Nilsson – "I Hope You Die"

"I know you think I'm morbid when I say / I hope you die by my side / The two of us at the exact same time." The lyric above is from Stockholm artist Molly Nilsson's song "I Hope You Die," and while it may read like melodramat...
by BlakeFarzan785

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The Black Keys – Brothers (2010) @320

The Black Keys - Brothers (2010) mp3 @320 CBR This alt-blues/rock duo from Ohio has packed a lot into the decade they’ve spent together. Their songs have cropped up in an impressive array of recent film, video game and TV so...
by gofree

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The MVPs of 2011: Shannon Shaw & Gerrit Welmers

All weeklong Everybody Taste will be reflecting and ruminating on 2011 with a serious of posts and lists dedicated to celebrating the best (read: our favorite) music of the year. When you think of the particularly prolific art...
by danagglash


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Sharon Van Etten – "Serpents"

Just when you think the whole singer-songwriter schtick has finally teetered out, a talent like Sharon Van Etten comes along. In the internet's computer-, synth-, and remix-centered climate, it's impressive how much steam Van ...
by eedrickmarcd

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The Binding of Isaac – Unleashed

Title: The Binding of Isaac Genre: Action, Adventure, RPG, Indie Developer: Edmund McMillen and Florian Himsl Publisher: Edmund McMillen Release Date: 29 Sep 2011 Languages: English * * languages with full audio support Detail...
by gofree