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Serious Spandex: The Amazing Spider-Man 2 Trailer

Batman & Robin is, I will insist until my dying days, one of the best-executed superhero movies. “What killed the dinosaurs?” Arnold Schwarzenegger asks as Mr
by Alice OConnor


Everyone Can Hear Alien: Isolation

Whenever I talk to someone about Alien: Isolation , there’s two possible tones of voice. First: gushing, praise-tier relief that either it’s apparently good or that, having just played it themselves, they can confirm it’...
by Ben Barrett

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Free To Play, Valve’s Dota Documentary, Is Out And Free

Valve tend to approach every project with a similar ethos, regardless of whether they’re making a game, some software, an operating system or, it turns out, a movie.
by Graham Smith


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NONONOAIIIIIEEEE – Habitat Is Gravity: The Strategy Game

The second I finished watching Gravity and firing the contents of my stomach out of my mouth’s airlock, I knew someone would turn that experience into a game. The movie, I mean.
by Nathan Grayson

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The RPS Bargain Bucket: Bad Jokes Hills

This has been a long, strange week for me.
by Cassandra Khaw