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Image ethancarterscanning.png

Flash Bang Wallop: The Scanning of Ethan Carter

No matter how spooky a spooky game’s rocks may be, it’s always comforting to know they can’t really hurt you. Unless, that is, they’re actually real rocks scanned into the game with fancy technology, and the original i...
by Alice OConnor

Image advercity.jpg

Outpunned And Outgunned: AdvertCity

Faced with a title like AdvertCity , I have to concede defeat, pop the cap back on my best punning pen and call it a day. It’s strong work and there’s an intriguing slice of game hiding between the delicious word-layers.
by Adam Smith

Image hg.jpg

The Good Lives: Hero Generations

Ignore the screenshot. Yes, Hero Generations looks like yet another roguelite, or even a puzzle game along the lines of Triple Town , but the best description of the design concept is right at the top of the Kickstarter page ...
by Adam Smith


Image superbikett.jpg

Tears Or Triumphs: SuperBike TT For The Oculus Rift

(It should be noted this story was written moments before the Facebook/Oculus announcement.) We already know the Oculus Rift is the perfect tool for immersing players within cockpits, but I was unsure until I played SuperBike ...
by Graham Smith

Image apexicon.jpg

Verbal Disagreements: Apexicon

Apexicon is back. Last year’s Kickstarter didn’t work out, not by a long shot , but the team are back with a reduced target, and a few more months of work and experience under their belts.
by Adam Smith