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Transformers: Rise of the Dark Spark And My Certain Doom

Sometimes in this absurd job I catch myself in the mirror, notice what I’m doing and have to tell myself to stop.
by Alec Meer


Black Octopus Sound Leviathan MULTIFORMAT-Quakeaudio

[center][img][/img][/center] [center][b]Black Octopus Sound Leviathan MULTIFORMAT-Quakeaudio | 3.2 GB[/b][/center] Over a year and a half in the making,...
by gofree

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First Look: Transformers Universe

‘Massively Online Tactical Action, eh? We’ve been wondering for several weeks now what a MOTA is, after this new acronym turned up applied to Jagex’s rebooted Transformers MMO
by Alec Meer


by Nathan Grayson


Here’s What Transformers Universe Plays Like As A ‘MOTA’

I still don’t know what MOTA stands for.
by Nathan Grayson





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