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August 14, 2011

The Sunday Papers

/> Sundays! Sundays are for refreshed victory. On Sundays we can consolidate and peer into the week ahead. Will it be better than last week? Damn straight. Let’s prepare ourselves with some written edification for mind and soul. Internet, you are a strong.

  • The Creators Project talk to the man behind mod de jour The Stanley Parable: “I love any game that rattles my expectations a bit, so I’ve been equally delighted with Counterstrike and with Dear Esther. But a mod is just a tool, you can use it however you want, and if you go on ModDB, most of the mods there are sci-fi/history actions games. Even though modding can be a wellspring of innovation and creativity, it’s just as easy to use it to make something that looks identical to everything else. The more open your platform is, the more imitators you get. As far as actual success goes, I think it has far more to do with your intentions than with the openness of your platform. Case in point: i released a game that’s actually kind of difficult to install, on a limited number of platforms, with zero marketing and zero details available about the game, and it was downloaded 70,000 times in a week. That speaks to my desire to do something crazy and unexpected. If your intentions are just to imitate the formula, than no amount of technological liberation will help. But I’m kind of an anomaly here, so what do I know?”
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The Sunday Papers
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Image bbowl.jpg

Maim, Threat And Match: Blood Bowl 2

As far as I’m concerned, the important tasks for any new Blood Bowl 2 trailer to accomplish are as follows: 1) Show me which races will be available so that I don’t expect to be writing about an Ultimate Skaven Edition in ...
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Image masseffectreborn2.jpg

Mass Effect Reborn Mod Jumps Into Homeworld 2

At the end of Mass Effect 3 , thousands of ships from all across known space come together to liberate Earth and smash the Reapers. Then a pretty cutscene plays, and we passively watch the ensuing cool space battle. But oh, wh...
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Image poeheader.jpg

Wot I Think: Path Of Exile

Sometimes it takes a while to make a judgement. I spent a fair amount of time with Path Of Exile’s beta but hadn’t revisited the release version for more than seven or eight hours in total until I decided to write somethin...
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Image childoflightart.jpg

Emotional Rescue: Child Of Light’s World Sure Is Pretty

Now that John is on sabbatical, where will RPS turn when they need someone who understands emotions? Child of Light is about a young girl exploring a twinkling world of wonder and danger, and probably its story will require de...
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